Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers can be an exciting time, leading to growth and benefits for all those involved in the transition. Choosing to merge two medical practices may seem straightforward on the surface. However, it can be a complex business and involve numerous pitfalls.  A major responsibility of the existing leadership of both companies is ensuring that their patients and staff benefit as well.  Businesses each have their personality, as do the staff that does the work. Each has its managerial style and its methods of decision-making. Blending these two can be quite a challenge. Managed poorly, this can lead to confrontation and discontentment in the staff and financial struggles created by having to address them. Performing a seamless merger is best accomplished with the assistance of an outside body, such as Complete Healthcare Business Consulting.

To Help With Your Merger or Acquisition

The first step to a seamless merger is using an outside company to evaluate both businesses. A third party will best be able to evaluate the two entities consistently and objectively. Efficiently addressing key business functions and preferences put this union in an excellent position to accomplish the goals desired. There are numerous concerns that have to be addressed during the merger, including:

  • How to optimize the insurance relationships with both firms? 
  • What is benefits will be offered and financial impact?
  • What tax consequences will occur from the merger?
  • Which staffing positions are redundant? Which team members do you keep?
  • Which attorney will represent the newly merged business?
  • Which company’s accountant will be used?

These questions are far from comprehensive.  We provide a comprehensive review since each merger or acquisition is unique. Finding out which applies to yours requires a full consultation with a qualified team. Complete Healthcare Business Consulting staff trained team members who know how to navigate the challenges of completing a successful merger. 

Our services will help you establish a firm groundwork for the new business born from the merger. Our team will then provide ongoing support to ensure that you stay on track to a full and successful merger of your two interests.

Assistance in forming new delivery models

There are substantial opportunities for innovation in delivery system modeling and benefit design in the creation of physician networks or associations. We help you navigate characteristics, structures, and strategies that define many innovative models in healthcare today. Finally, we explore unique growth strategies that accelerate the necessary changes in health care delivery and landscape. 

A management services organization (MSO) is an organization that provides practice management and administrative support services to individual physicians, private practices, or medical groups.  

Despite previous iterations of MSO in the 1990s, the current wave of MSO activity may be in a better position for success. What can an MSO do for you? 

  • Management Service Organization (MSO)
    • Maintain or gain control
    • Access to Capital
    • Expansion services
    • Technology enhancement
    • Leverage payors, vendors & hospitals
    • Streamlining of services to avoid duplications
    • Take advantage of the economy of scale

An independent physician association (IPA) is a business entity organized and owned by a network of independent physician practices for the purpose of reducing overhead or pursuing business ventures such as contracts with managed care organizations (MCOs), employers and/or accountable care organizations (ACO). 

Independent Physician Associations (IPA)

  • A unified entity with leverage to negotiate with insurance companies and hospitals to obtain favorable pricing and reduce overhead costs

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