Practice Startups

Beginnings are critical for any business, and medical practices are no exception. Setting healthcare entities up successfully requires several factors  but most importantly it’s timing or sequency of tasks. To ensure success you’ll also need to hire the right staff, qualified low-cost vendors and the organizational structure for a solid foundation. It’s not a process for the inexperienced or one that any practice should attempt without guidance. Our medical practice startup professionals are well-versed in the processes and sequences involved in establishing a healthcare entity. They’ll work closely with your team to help you strategize your site’s launch and ensure you can reach your intended clientele.

How Complete Healthcare Business Consulting Builds Successful Businesses

It all starts by developing an outline describing your business’s needs. During your consultation with our startup professionals, we’ll explore your goals in-depth. This involves developing a firm understanding of where you’re going, the area you’re establishing your business, and the demographic you’re trying to serve. We work with a range of businesses within the medical industry, including:

  • Medical offices
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)
  • Imaging centers
  • Infusion centers
  • Ancillary services (Medi Spa, Wellness, etc.)
  • Concierge medicine
  • Profit center development 
  • Telemedicine
  • Mental Health

Areas of focus

  • Organizational Structure & Governance
  • Physician Compensation & Agreements 
  • Location/Space Requirements 
  • Facility/Space Construction
  • Sales & Syndication
  • Financial Planning, Accounting, and Strategic Planning
  • Insurance/Licensure/Regulations
  • Accreditation & Certification
  • Credentialing & Contracting
  • Gross Charge Schedules/Fee Schedules
  • Communications: Telephone/Internet/Answering Service/Patient
  • Equipment Planning & Acquisition
  • Marketing
  • Forms & Supplies
  • Office Operations
  • Personnel & Benefits
  • Compliance & Training

Schedule Your Consultation To Start Your Journey Today

If you’re looking to start a new medical business, our team of planning specialists is here to help you succeed. Contact us and schedule a consultation to ensure you get off on the right foot.

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