Patient Estimator

Give Patients Clear Financial Expectations

Complete Healthcare Business Consulting has developed a patient estimator allowing our clients to provide clear financial expectation at time of service or before the surgery thus maximizing revenue and patient satisfaction. All of this is accomplished while ensure your clinic complies with the 2022 No Surprise Act. Special care is taken to provide the tools necessary to inform out-of-network patients of the scope of their financial obligations. 

The need for comprehensive cost estimations is driven transparency of medical costs which is now a patient’s right. This has led to changes in how patients engage with their healthcare, including:

  • Patients want access to prices via your website, mobile apps, email, and text alerts
  • Patients strive to make better-informed healthcare decisions with greater control over care and costs

Providing access to a comprehensive patient estimator will build patient trust and loyalty with accurate healthcare cost transparency tools. The estimator will:

  • Give patients clear financial expectations
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costly collection costs
  • Reduce ARs

Contact us for a consultation for your medical business today. We’ll show you how a patient estimator can increase revenue, build patient trust, and improve your clinic experience. 

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