Practice Assessment

Practice assessments help uncover deficiencies that can undermine performance, patient relationships, and overall profits. They’re our way of looking at your practice’s current standing to identify ways of improving productivity, reducing patient wait times, and streamlining practices for better efficiency. A practice assessment focuses on the scope, size, and types of problems uncovered and, when resolved, produces many benefits. 

Our experienced medical practice consultants can help relieve significant financial and operational pains caused by undefined insufficiencies in practice structure and processes to perform at your best potential. Through a medical practice assessment, problems such as high levels of stress, staff challenges, poor quality patient care, and issues with reimbursements can be resolved, giving you an ideal path to growth and success. 

Areas of Focus For Our Medical Practice Assessments

At Complete Healthcare Business Consulting, we are committed to working with you and your healthcare team on correcting practice deficiencies and setting financial practice goals. Our practice assessments can be used to help you review financial data, compare revenue and productivity rates to others within your specialty, and analyze staffing considerations, among many other various areas of practice insight regarding structure and flow. 

These areas of focus include: 

  • Strategic Planning/Alliances 
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Revenue Expansion
  • Cost Analysis
  • Operational Improvement
  • Total Process Improvement
  • Integrated Delivery Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Productivity and Quality Care Improvement

The Benefits of Medical Practice Assessments

Our consulting teams can provide several benefits to your practice by conducting a practice assessment. We assist individual physicians, private practices, or medical groups achieve their strategic goals by working to improve already existing systems of organization and revamp inefficient systems based on the nuances of your practice’s goals. By working with our consulting teams, we can provide:

  • Strategic Plans 
  • Day-to-Day Operation Solutions 
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction 
  • Improve Workflow Effectiveness 
  • Optimize Office-Staff Functions 
  • Employee Empowerment 
  • Enhanced Profitability 

If you would like to have a practice assessment, contact our consulting teams today.

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