As our healthcare regulatory environment is ever-changing it’s important to have an effective corporate compliance program. These programs address the mandatory elements of these regulations and will help prepare you to respond to these challenges. New government guidelines are issued with the onset of false claims acts, stark law settlements, and anti-kickback settlements. This makes keeping up with compliance law and federal sentencing guidelines even more demanding. Through our consultants at Complete Healthcare Business Consulting, we can provide your practice with the means to meet these challenges. 

Our Practice and Regulatory Compliance Services

Our consulting teams can provide services that help you design a complete corporate compliance program that tackles new guidelines and initiatives, giving you better peace of mind. These services include: 

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Comprehensive risk assessments work to potential risk in the following areas:
    • Procedure Code Utilization Analysis 
    • Modifier Utilization Analysis
    • Modifier Violation Analysis
    • E/M Utilization Analysis
    • Provider Time Analysis

By identifying these risks, our compliance teams can provide the best recommendations for proactive solutions 

  • Regulatory Compliance & Coding Audits: Healthcare compliance audit services and coding are essential for reporting financial and clinical documentation to protect from scrutiny by payers and other regulatory agencies. Through our coding team, we design a coding process that accurately translates services in all relevant areas. 
  • HIPAA Compliance and Training: In the ever-changing world of healthcare, practices everywhere are responsible for protecting and securing Patient Health Information. The HIPAA act has been transitioning to help streamline the process of protecting patient health information. As these regulations frequently change, consulting solutions to meet these requirements can help protect you from possible negligence. Because of the high risk of these penalties, our consulting team can provide you with expert advice and process plans to help you achieve adherence to these guidelines and security rulings. 
  • OSHA Compliance: Maintaining OSHA compliance and security means working with the latest regulatory changes, CDC recommendations, and other latest practices. Our OSHA compliance consultations can provide training programs and manuals on hazardous chemicals, electrical hazards, bloodborne pathogens, emergency actions, and other related concerns. 
  • Quality Measure Enhancement: Quality measure enhancements help standardize the likelihood of desired health outcomes for patients, which includes enhancements to clinical flow, physical capital, and technology. Our teams can identify the best practices and opportunities for tracking quality progress.

Questions? Ask Our Experts Today!

Contact us today for more information about our healthcare consulting services and how we can enhance compliance and quality measures.  We work towards protecting your practice from the onset of new healthcare regulations.

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