As our healthcare regulatory environment is ever-changing it’s important to have an effective corporate compliance program. These programs address the mandatory elements of these regulations and will help prepare you to respond to these challenges. New government guidelines are issued with the onset of false claims acts, stark law settlements, and anti-kickback settlements. This makes […]


Before any practitioner can provide care, they have to be credentialed. This is a time-consuming and often exhausting process. This means it’s essential for new hires to be appropriately credentialed before they join your team. There are mountains of paperwork and time spent following progress with the insurance companies. Our team of experts can help […]

Market Demand Analysis

In healthcare, practices can successfully determine the trends for their services through a market demand analysis or where to open new locations.  This form of analysis looks at the economic and healthcare market and compares them to components such as patient base or competition demographics to create future patient volume predictions.  At Complete Healthcare Business […]

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers can be an exciting time, leading to growth and benefits for all those involved in the transition. Choosing to merge two medical practices may seem straightforward on the surface. However, it can be a complex business and involve numerous pitfalls.  A major responsibility of the existing leadership of both companies is ensuring that their […]

Practice Assessment

Practice assessments help uncover deficiencies that can undermine performance, patient relationships, and overall profits. They’re our way of looking at your practice’s current standing to identify ways of improving productivity, reducing patient wait times, and streamlining practices for better efficiency. A practice assessment focuses on the scope, size, and types of problems uncovered and, when […]

Fee Schedule Analysis

One of the growing trends in healthcare is patients “shopping” for services rather than going immediately to their PCP. This means healthcare offices have a driving need to be competitive. Clinics can accomplish this by providing new options for personalizing the customer experience. More clinics have been adapting to this by providing a broader range […]

Patient Estimator

Give Patients Clear Financial Expectations Complete Healthcare Business Consulting has developed a patient estimator allowing our clients to provide clear financial expectation at time of service or before the surgery thus maximizing revenue and patient satisfaction. All of this is accomplished while ensure your clinic complies with the 2022 No Surprise Act. Special care is […]

Benchmarking and Compensation & Production Analysis

Our team works to provide a series of valuable metrics essential when hiring a new provider. These include negotiating compensation, goal setting, validating compensation or production among others. The best time for knowing how to adjust your practices for better performance is always now.  We strive to explore as many points of information as possible […]

Practice Startups

Beginnings are critical for any business, and medical practices are no exception. Setting healthcare entities up successfully requires several factors  but most importantly it’s timing or sequency of tasks. To ensure success you’ll also need to hire the right staff, qualified low-cost vendors and the organizational structure for a solid foundation. It’s not a process […]

What Is Payor Contract Negotiations

Contracts are important documents that, if not drafted, reviewed, and implemented correctly, can produce painful consequences for healthcare organizations. Qualified attorneys can develop, review, and approve legal documentation to meet provisions. Our consulting teams at Complete Healthcare Business Consulting provides careful reviews of contractual language to protect your interest plus advocate for market reimbursement for […]

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