What Is Payor Contract Negotiations

Contracts are important documents that, if not drafted, reviewed, and implemented correctly, can produce painful consequences for healthcare organizations. Qualified attorneys can develop, review, and approve legal documentation to meet provisions. Our consulting teams at Complete Healthcare Business Consulting provides careful reviews of contractual language to protect your interest plus advocate for market reimbursement for your services. 

Our Contract Negotiation Services

Your contracts affect every part of your business. When negotiating or renegotiating payor contracts, employment contracts, leases and vendor contracts, we focus on ways to reduce liability, point out hidden obligations that have gone unnoticed and help optimize your goals.

We have extensive experience in contract negotiation and can assist in current renegotiations by monitoring financial and reimbursement changes to give you better leverage.  Through working with our consulting teams, we can assist you with the following: 

  • Managed Care Payor Contracts: This involves reviewing managed care contracts, conducting a variety of analyses, and negotiating with managed care payers on your behalf
  • Employment Contracts: This involves optimize essential components such as compensation, benefits, duties, time and more. 
  • Provider Service Agreements (PSA): Fair market value is essential and requires statistical data to validate compensation, benefits and other key areas of services and compensation.
  • Equipment Lease Agreements: Ensuring terms and cost benefit of equipment leases are essential.
  • Facility Lease Agreements: We work with your real estate agent for a win-win arrangement for all.

Our contract review and negotiation services can help you reducing administrative burdens, increasing reimbursement/revenue and leveraging your services. Call today!

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