7 Steps To Starting Your Physician Private Practice

7 Steps To Starting Your Physician Private Practice

Having success in an independent private practice that is often changing requires both a sharp clinical judgment and a dedication to working together and solving difficult problems. The CHCBC team offers the assistance and help physicians need to commence and maintain success in a private practice. This includes our blog page and these seven steps […]

8 Keys To Starting A Successful Private Medical Practice

Starting A Successful Private Medical Practice

It can be a rewarding and challenging endeavor to be a physician looking to make a living in private medical practice. Private practice, owned entirely by doctors rather than a hospital, health system, or other entity, is far from dull. According to the American Medical Association‘s Physician Practice Benchmark Surveys in 2020, 49.1% of physicians […]

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Medical Practices

Medical Practice Key Performance Indicators

A medical practice’s key performance indicators (KPI) provide valuable insight into operational and financial soundness. At Complete Healthcare Business Consulting, we develop comprehensive practice analytic KPI reports to monitor performance, enhance compensation models and to help with faster decision-making. The Challenges of Data Analysis Across Practices  Data is not siloed in a medical practice to […]

Optimize Revenue with a Fee Schedule Review

Optimize Revenue with a Fee Schedule Review

When was the last time your practice reviewed its fee schedule? We found that most practices set fee schedules and rarely conduschedules ct annual reviews. Fee schedules are outdated, and so is coding. Every year, payers update their fee schedules for current and new CPT codes, so providers should do the same. Your fee structure […]

How Revenue Cycle Assessments Maximize Profits

How Revenue Cycle Assessments Maximize Profits

For over 20 years, the Complete Healthcare Business Consulting (CHCBC) team has conducted numerous assessments of revenue cycles for practices all over the country. Through a consistent, proven process, each assessment provides an in-depth analysis of your processes, data, technology, fee structures, and employees. The final report gives each practice a solid base for growth […]

What is a Healthcare Business Consultant?

Healthcare Business Consultant

The healthcare industry is dynamic and the Complete Healthcare Business Consulting team is uniquely equipped with skills and solutions to meet the changing demands of operating a healthcare practice. The combination of new medical discoveries, unique care delivery strategies, innovative technology, changing regulations, and pharmaceutical breakthroughs creates a dynamic landscape that is often difficult for […]

What Is Payor Contract Negotiations

Contracts are important documents that, if not drafted, reviewed, and implemented correctly, can produce painful consequences for healthcare organizations. Qualified attorneys can develop, review, and approve legal documentation to meet provisions. Our consulting teams at Complete Healthcare Business Consulting provides careful reviews of contractual language to protect your interest plus advocate for market reimbursement for […]

What Is Revenue Cycle Assessment

Revenue cycle management is the beating heart of any healthcare organization. When it’s done right, patients get quicker access to vital services, clinicians can do their jobs more effectively and the organization increases profitability. Stringent regulations have hampered healthcare margins and need to invest in revenue cycle assessments today.  For over two decades, our Complete […]

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