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When to hire a healthcare consultant?

When to hire a healthcare consultant

A certified healthcare consultant may be just what you need. Healthcare is an industry focused on providing quality care to patients through knowledgeable physicians, experienced support teams, and proven medical practices. In most cases, the entire team is focused on diagnosing and treating various conditions, but having a successful practice is more than just treating patients. 

Like any other business, healthcare practices need to dedicate time to improve revenue cycle management and maintain profitability. When the clinic is set up to succeed, it can serve patients with improved performance. However, most healthcare providers don’t have a business management degree. Finding the perfect workflow or completing business management-related tasks while providing their patients with undivided attention is simply unrealistic. This is where the expertise and experience of a certified healthcare business consultant become an essential piece to the success of the practice.

What is healthcare consulting?

Put simply, healthcare consultants assist healthcare facilities or organizations become more operationally and financially effective. At CHCBC, our specialists have a broad understanding and experience that can be utilized to fill in the gaps caused by the healthcare industry’s constant changes and help your clinic maintain its course. While physicians and nurses focus on administering care, matters such as bookkeeping and marketing are shifted to a specialized team.

4 Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Consultant 

Project Management

Your practice may have projects that need to be completed promptly, requiring important skills that current employees may lack. Healthcare is a revolving door of work, as patients move in and out of the facility almost every day with little to no downtime. So projects like installing hardware or designing a sleek interface can benefit from the help of an experienced consultant. We will work with your team to introduce new technologies and workflows to improve the performance of your team without sacrificing time with your patients.

Staff Training

One of the most valuable aspects of hiring consultants is that they can transfer knowledge to internal staff throughout the life of the contract. While the immediate goal is to get the job done right, our consultants’ industry experience is a key factor in your future business success. This means that cross-training occurs and is applied in practice for lasting results. After our consultants leave the company, their efforts and success should reach the point where some employees are as effective as the consultant.

Planning Strategies

In most cases, the medical office staff is so focused on creating electronic medical records and managing visits that the execution of strategic planning lags. As providers seek to expand their services or reach broader patient populations, consultants can play an important role in developing marketing plans and creating more advanced communication practices.

CHCBC’s business experience enables our team to work with providers to develop realistic goals for the organization and for any project you wish to accomplish. Additionally, we will create proper timelines for progress and guide employees to follow the schedule.

Working Effectively

After hiring consultants to provide professional support, management teams sometimes take a reactive approach. However, it is important to understand that administrative tasks such as ensuring that employees continue to participate in the project or tasks should continue to be carried out by management in the practice. The key to success is guiding internal teams and project stakeholders to ensure they are aligned with the designed goals.

Practice Assessment

Practice assessments help uncover deficiencies that can impact performance, patient relationships, and the overall bottom line. They are our way of looking at the current state of your practice to identify opportunities to increase productivity, reduce patient wait times, and streamline your practice to increase efficiency. Practice assessments focus on the scope, scale, and nature of the issues identified, which, once addressed, can have many benefits.

At CHCBC, our experienced medical practice consultants can help relieve significant financial and operational pains caused by undefined insufficiencies in practice structure and processes to perform at your best potential. Call our team to speak to a specialist and take the first steps to take your practice to the next level.

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